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In the novel The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side Dr Sandford is the business partner of Dr Haydock. Dr Haydock says that Dr Sandford has better qualifications than him, and is a first class man. However, Miss Marple feels that young doctors are all the same, they take your blood pressure, and whatever is the matter with you, they prescribe some kind of mass produced variety of new pills.

After the death of Heather Badcock, Dr Sandford calls the police station in Much Benham. This is overheard by Briggs, who was clipping something quite near the study.


In the 1992 BBC adaptation, the character of Dr Sandford is replaced by one Dr Petrie. He does not appear on screen but is summoned to examine the body of Heather Badcock. Here he also had a gardener named Briggs.