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In the short story The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor, Dr Ralph Bernard was the local doctor at Marsdon Leigh. He examined the body of Mr Maltravers after he had been found dead and concluded that it was due to an internal haemorrhage.

Dr Bernard was not very friendly to Poirot when he came to investigate the death of Mr Maltravers. Hastings noted that Bernard became "quite apoplectic" and slammed the door when Poirot asked if there had been a need for an autopsy. Hastings thought of Bernard as "an old ass".

Dr Bernard did not treat Mr Matravers while he was still alive. He told Poirot he thought Maltravers was some kind of Christian Scientist.


Dr Bernard was played by Edward Jewesbury in the film adaptation of The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. There he was given a different first name, that of "Geoffrey". He was much more friendly than the Bernard in the original story. He treated Maltravers at his home and was a frequent dinner guest. He also assisted Poirot in his investigations.