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Dr MacAndrew was a neighbour of Henry Gascoigne in Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

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When Gascoigne was found dead Dr MacAndrew was called to examine him and he was later interviewed by Hercule Poirot despite never having previously attended Gascoigne. Nevertheless he was able to provide a wealth of information: the finding that Henry had died at or after nine-twenty at night because of a letter from the evening post in his pocket and that Henry had been last seen dining at the Gallant Endeavour at seven thirty. He also told Poirot about Henry's nephew George Lorrimer and his estranged brother Anthony Gascoigne.


Dr MacAndrew did not appear in the TV adaptation of the story which was episode 4 of Series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. The initial leads which Poirot obtained came variously from Dulcie Lang, Chief Inspector Japp and art agent Peter Makinson.