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In the novel A Caribbean Mystery, Dr Graham is a St Honoré doctor. He had practised in the West Indies for many years, and is now semi-retired, leaving most of his work to his West Indian partners. He lives at the Golden Palm Hotel.

Dr Graham is described as a "kindly elderly man of about sixty-five".

After the death of Major Palgrave, Dr Graham examines the body.

Miss Marple asks Dr Graham to come and see her, on the pretense of asking him to look at her knee. He prescribes some pills for her, and then stays to chat with her, as he knows from experience that many elderly people feel lonely when they first arrive in St Honoré.

Miss Marple tells Dr Graham that she had shown Major Palgrave a snapshot, and he had accidentally put it in his wallet. She asks him to get it back for her.

Dr Graham later tells Miss Marple that he was unable to find the snapshot she described, either in the Major's wallet, or anywhere among his things.

He treats Miss Marple who pretends to be ill, cares for Molly and confirms the deaths of the murdered people.


In the 1983 Warner Bros adaptation, Dr Grahame is portrayed by Brock Peters. Here he is the hotel physician. Just like in the original, Miss Marple fakes a leg problem. On being examined by Grahame, Miss Marple asks him to get the photo of her nephew she claimed Major Palgrave had put by accident into his pocket. When Grahame fails to find it, Miss Marple tells him the truth: that Palgrave had claimed that it was a picture of "a murderer". He had told her this and then the next day he had died. Miss Marple managed to arouse Grahame's suspicions sufficiently to lead him to think there ought to be an enquiry. He goes to see Captain Daventry of the local police. Captain Daventry is at first sceptical that there even has been a crime, but with the captain's agreement, Grahame (off-camera) contacts Palgrave's regular doctor in England and learns that he was not prescribed with the serenite and this triggers Daventry into looking into the case more closely.

In the BBC 1989 adaptation, Dr Grahame is portrayed by T. P. McKenna. Here Miss Marple does not fake an illness to see him. Rather she simply approaches the doctor directly and asks him to retrieve the photo. Graham came back later to tell Miss Marple that he could not find such a photo. Later, Victoria Johnson tells Graham that the bottle of tetrauwolfide on Palgrave's washstand was not his, she had not seen the bottle there before. Acting on this. Graham went to the colonial administrator Napier to ask for Palgrave's body to be exhumed for an autopsy.

In the 2013 ITV adaptation, Dr Graham is mentioned but does not appear on screen.