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In the novel Sleeping Murder, Dorothy Afflick is the wife of Jackie Afflick. She made only one brief appearance in the book when she met Giles and Gwenda Reed at her husband's office. They had come to see Afflick to ask about events many years ago when he had a relationship with Helen Halliday, Gwenda's stepmother. Dorothy turning up at the office brought an abrupt end to the discussion. For the conversation between Dorothy and Jackie later which Gwenda overhears, Jackie appeared to be annoyed that his wife had turned up and "butted in" on the meeting.

Dorothy Afflick is described as a tall, thin, depressed-looking woman, dressed in rather unexpectedly well-cut clothes," the latter probably explained by the fact that she was a cousin of Lord Polterham. She had met Afflick on a cruise.


ITV's Agatha Christie's Marple[]

Dorothy only makes an appearance in the ITV 2006 adaptation of the novel, and then only as a mention and as a figure in an oil painting. Here she has a different backstory. After Jacky Afflick's "Funnybones" entertainment troupe folded up in the mid 1930s, Afflick had gone to Nice in the South of France and set up a bar. There he met Dorothy who was at that time a widow. Her late husband had been the man who made "Dougall's Biscuits" and obviously a wealthy man which he had left her. Jackie and Dorothy married but by the time of the main events in the episode, set in the 1950s, Dorothy had died. Her wealth, it would appear, passed on to Jackie as he is shown living alone in a large mansion.