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In the novel Lord Edgware Dies, Donald Ross is a young actor who attends Sir Montagu Corner's dinner party on the night of the murder of Lord Edgware. Jane Wilkinson was one of the other guests.

When Poirot calls on Sir Montagu the next day, Donald is also present. He is described as being a "young fellow of about twenty-two, with a pleasant face and fair hair". He speaks with a Scottish accent. He lives in "a maisonette on the first floor of a house in a big square in Kensington".

When Poirot and Hastings depart from Sir Montagu's house, Donald goes with them. He tells them that Sir Montagu seems to have taken a fancy to him, and that he hopes it will last, because to have a man like him behind you means a lot.

Donald appears sad that Poirot and Hastings do not recognise him by his name. He tells them that he has recently won "marvellous notices" in a play that had been translated from Russian.

Donald says that at Sir Montagu's dinner party the night before, there had been thirteen at the dinner table. When Hastings asked who got up first, Donald gives a "queer little nervous cackle of laughter", and says that he did.

Donald attends a luncheon party a few days later, at which Wilkinson is also a guest. At that party, he said that something queer had happened, which may have been important, and wanted to talk to Poirot about it. However, he was stabbed to death at his home, before he could tell Poirot anything.