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In the novel Ordeal by Innocence, Dr Donald Craig is the local doctor serving The area of Sunny Point. He is dating Hester Argyle and it is widely beloved that they would marry soon. However, after the murder can of Rachel Argyle is reopened, he comes to believe that Hester is the most likely murderer. He still loves her and he insists that he will stand by her if only she would confess the facts to him. They could run away and live together. He says he understands the psychology of why someone like Chester would commit the murder and does not blame her for it.

Such an approach obviously does not endear him to Hester. So firmly does Craig believe that Hester is culprit that she says it is hopeless. Even if she were to say she did not do it, he would not believe her. In the end she breaks off the relationship with him.

Dr Craig is described as being a "good-looking serious young man", who takes "himself and his work in a serious manner". His forehead wrinkles in a particular way when there is something on his mind.

Dr Craig is very serious, and his predecessor, Dr MacMaster, sometimes wishes it would be easier for Dr Craig to see a joke. One example of a joke, from Dr MacMaster's point of view, was vitamin deficiencies. There had been one case where a veterinary surgeon had to point out to Dr Craig that the cat belonging to his child patient had ringworm. The child was not suffering from a vitamin deficiency, as Dr Craig had thought.

Towards the end of the novel, Dr Craig is called to Sunny Point, because Philip Durrant has been found dead. He also examines Tina Argyle, who had collapsed. He finds that Tina has been stabbed in the back, and telephones for an ambulance.