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Dix petits nègres is an episode of the French television program Au théâtre ce soir. The episode was originally broadcast 1 October 1970. It is an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None. It was adapted by Pierre Brive and Meg Villars, and it was directed by Pierre Sabbagh.


Eight persons are invited on an island by a mysterious Mister Nyme. When they arrive, their host and his wife are not present, but a couple of servants is to take care of them. After the dinner, a voice, coming from a gramophone, accuses all of them of a crime which was not punished by law. Then, someone is doing away with them one by one. After three murders, they realize that the killer must be one of them. They become suspicious and their fear increases.


  • Jean Degrave as Roger
  • Alix Mahieux as Marie
  • Juliette Villard as Véra Claytone
  • Henri Garcin as Lombard
  • Bernard Tiphaine as Martone
  • Jean-Claude Arnaud as Blore
  • Henri Crémieux as Mackenzie
  • Viviane Gosset as Émilie
  • Raymond Gérôme as Malgrave
  • Maurice Teynac as Lewis