Die Abenteurer G.m.b.H. (English translation of the title: The Adventures Inc.) is a German silent film adaptation of the novel The Secret Adversary, made in 1929. Directed by Fred Sauer and adapted by Jane Bess.


  • Carlo Aldini as Pierre Lafitte
  • Hilda Bayley as Rita van den Meer
  • Eve Gray as Lucienne Fereoni
  • Eberhard Leithoff as George Finné
  • Elfriede Borodin as Jeanette Finné - seine Schwester/his sister
  • Shayle Gardner as Julius Vardier - Staatssekretär des Innern
  • Hans Mierendorff as Marglin - Chef des Geheimdienstes
  • John Mylong (as Jack Mylong-Münz) as Boris
  • Valy Arnheim as Wittington
  • Mikhail Rasumny
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