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Die Abenteurer G.m.b.H. (English translation of the title: The Adventures Inc.) is a German silent film adaptation of the novel The Secret Adversary, made in 1929. It was directed by Fred Sauer and adapted by Jane Bess with photography by Adolf Otto Weitzenberg and art direction by Leopold Blonder and Franz Schroedter.


Comparison with original novel[]


  • Carlo Aldini as Pierre Lafitte
  • Hilda Bayley as Rita van den Meer
  • Eve Gray as Lucienne Fereoni
  • Eberhard Leithoff as George Finné
  • Elfriede Borodin as Jeanette Finné - seine Schwester/his sister
  • Shayle Gardner as Julius Vardier - Staatssekretär des Innern
  • Hans Mierendorff as Marglin - Chef des Geheimdienstes
  • John Mylong (as Jack Mylong-Münz) as Boris
  • Valy Arnheim as Wittington
  • Mikhail Rasumny