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Deborah Beresford is a recurrent character in the Tommy and Tuppence universe. She is the daughter of Tommy and Tuppence Beresford and twin sister of Derek. There are several references to Deborah in various novels. The biographical information sometimes contradict.

Biography of Deborah Beresford[]

  • In N or M? set during the Second World War, Deborah has a job: "...code breaking? Is it like Deborah's job?"
  • In By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Deborah is married, and lives in Scotland. According to Tuppence, she is "frightfully keen on Victorian things" , and would probably like to have some jewellery that had belonged to Aunt Ada, a Florentine bracelet and earrings, and a ring with different colored stones in it. Deborah later calls Tommy, to tell him that she has seen something in the newspaper about a person in hospital who had given their name as Prudence Cowley. She asks if her mother is at home and well, and when she finds out that Tuppence is missing, she tells Tommy that she wishes he could take care of her properly.