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Dead Man's Mirror is the seventh episode of series 5 of the ITV British television drama series Agatha Christie's Poirot featuring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, first broadcast on 28 February 1993 in the UK. The episode is an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novella of the same name and was directed by Brian Farnham with dramatisation by Anthony Horowitz.


Gervase Chevenix, a dislikeable man who hired Poirot to investigate the possibly shady dealings of his business associate, is murdered shortly after.

The TV adaptation is faithful to the main premise of the original story with respect to how the murder was committed. However, the original novella comprised a series of interviews with suspects. This structure had, obviously, to be changed for dramatic reasons. Some characters from the original were deleted and the backstories of the other characters changed. Hastings and Japp are present but not Miss Lemon.

Comparison with Original Story[]

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Tropes and themes[]

  • The Art Deco 1930s
    • Marylands, Surrey,[1] the filming location of Hamborough Close, built 1929-1931 is an example of mixture of Spanish and Arts & Crafts style. The same style is seen in the scale model of Lake's project "Northgate Development".
    • Hugo Trent designs modernist furniture of tubular steel.
    • Highpoint 1[2], dressed up as the "Museum of Modern Art" is an example of Moderne architecture
    • Lots of modern art in Hamborough Close and at the Museum. In this episode, Sir Gervase is researching modern art with the help of Miss Lingard.
    • Hornsey Town Hall - example of Modernist design
  • Handedness - in this adaptation but not in the original story.
  • Mirrors

Filming Locations[]

  • Marylands, Ewhurst, Surrey - Hamborough Close
  • Highpoint I, Highpoint, North Hill, Highgate, London - dressed up as the "Museum of Modern Art"
  • Hornsey Town Hall, Crouch End, London - the registry office where Lake marries Ruth
  • Chiswick Town Hall
    • Council chamber - auction room
    • Staircase - Poirot and Hastings descend after auction. Meet Gervais


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