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Publications of Agatha Christie stories[]

In chronological order of publication.

  • 1935, Monday November 28 to Thursday December 12 - The A.B.C. Murders. A serialisation in sixteen parts. All of the instalments carried an illustration by Steven Spurrier. This version did not contain any chapter divisions and totally omitted the foreword as well as chapters twenty-six, thirty-two and thirty-five. In addition most of chapters seven and twenty were missing.
  • 1937, April 6 to April 12 - The Incredible Theft.
  • 1939, Tuesday June 6 to Saturday, July 1 - And Then There Were None, serialised in 23 parts. Illustrated by "Prescott".
  • 1945, Monday July 9 to Saturday July 28 - Sparkling Cyanide.
  • 1950, Tuesday February 28 to Saturday March 11 - A Murder is Announced. Illustrated by long-term Express artist Andrew Robb. This version did not contain any chapter divisions and contained only about half of the text that appeared in the book publication, totally omitting chapters five, six, seven, fourteen and the epilogue.
  • 1953, Monday September 28 to Tuesday October 13 - A Pocket Full of Rye.