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Daijoyuu Satsujin Jiken - Kagami wa yoko ni hibi warete (大女優殺人事件~鏡は横にひび割れて - The Great Actress Murder Case - the Mirror Cracked from Side to Side) is a Japanese language adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side. It was produced by TV Asahi and first aired on 25 March 2018. This is the second of a series of adaptations by TV Asahi where the lead investigator police chief Shokokuji Ryuuya (played by  Sawamura Ikki) replaces Christie's lead characters, in this case Miss Marple.


The story is set in modern day Japan and the investigators are from the police. There is no Miss Marple (there is a policewoman but she is not a Marple parallel). Otherwise the adaptation is remarkably faithful to the original.

In this adaptation, a murder occurs during a luxurious dinner party hosted by a famous actress to celebrate her return to the screen. Everyone assumes that the criminal’s real target is the actress but a second, and then a third murder takes place… 

Comparison with original book[]

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  • All three of the adopted children of Madoka are named and all have significant roles in the plot. This is unlike the original where only Margot Bence has a role.


Note: IMDb lists Japanese names in Western style as given name-family name. However the Japanese names here follow Japanese naming convention with family name-given name. This format is easier when searching for resources on the internet, especially those from Japanese sites. In the episode dialogue, characters are addressed in the Japanese format and this format is also used in the credits. In addition, it should be noted that the character names in IMDB are not exact.

Parallels are in brackets.

Investigators from s1s (First Criminal Investigation Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)[]

Attendees of the Dinner Party at Kaminoyakata[]

Minami local police[]

  • Yashima Tomoto (八嶋智人) as Inspector Karugamo Hyogo (軽鴨兵庫)
  • Ino Manabu (猪野学) as Jōmori Mitsugu (城森貢)
  • Kotaro (鼓太郎) as Tokumaru Ietada (徳丸家忠)
  • Nagakura Daisuke (永倉大輔) as Iizaki Toshihachi (飯崎敏八)
  • Nakazono Mitsuhiro (中薗光博) as Horibe Yasuharu (堀部安治)
  • Murai Asami (村井麻友美) as Akechi Saiko (明智才子)
  • Fukatsuki Shinnosuke (深月信之介) as Yasojima Tetsuo (八十島鉄男)


  • Aijima Kazuyuki (相島一之) as Kumagai Takekichi (熊谷丈吉) (gardener)
  • Fukuda Narumi (福田成美) as Hanakage Hinata (花景日向) (newscaster)
  • Sanada Mikiya (真田幹也) as Sasaki (佐々木) (film crew)

Filming locations[1][]

  • The Mansion at Wakeijuku dormitory,[2] Bunkyo ward, Tokyo - Kaminoyakata externals
  • Tokyo Metropoliatan Police Headquarters - external
  • Main building of Seisen University (former manor of Duke of Shimizu)[3][4] - external of building of the scene where Madoka was filming at the beginning. Also the staircase where the stabbing scene is filmed.
  • APA Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho - external of where Kosame is interviewed
  • Daiichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort - external of where Sagiri is interviewed



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