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Cynthia Dacres is the long-wed wife of Captain Dacres. She is a successful dressmaker, and a guest at Sir Charles' cocktail party in the Three Act Tragedy. She and her husband live at 3 St. John's House, W.1. She carried on business as Ambrosine, Ltd., Brook Street.

She is described as a "tall woman with a figure perfectly disciplined to the demands of the moment". Her hair is dyed a greenish bronze colour, and set in a clever and novel style. She has "plucked eyebrows, darkened lashes", an "exquisitely made-up face", and a "mouth lipsticked to a curve that its naturally straight line did not possess".

She often uses the word 'penetrating', using it to describe the waistline of a dress, as well as the poisoning of Sir Bartholomew Strange.

Cynthia is clever and has a good head for business. However, her business appears to be struggling financially during the events of the novel, and one of her employees, Doris Sims, is of the opinion that she had been borrowing money and had gotten into debt.

Doris tells Hermione "Egg" Lytton Gore that she believes Cynthia is still keen on her husband, although none of the other girls at Ambrosine agree with her. She also says that there has been talk about a rich young man who might have put things right with the business, but before he could do so, he was ordered on a sea voyage by Sir Bartholomew Strange.

Doris also mentions that Cynthia has a "wicked temper", and that when she "lets go", none of the girls dare to approach her. They even say that Captain Dacres is afraid of her.


In Murder in Three Acts (1986), the character is played by Lisa Eichorn. The name is changed to "Cynthia Dayton". As in the original story, she is also a dress designer.

In the film adaptation of Three Act Tragedy in Series 12 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series, the part of Cynthia Dacres is played by Anastasia Hille.