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In the novel Dead Man's Folly, Mrs Connie Masterton is the wife of a Wilfred Masterton, the Member of Parliament whose constituency probably includes Nasse House and the area around it. They are friends of Sir George Stubbs and Amy Folliat and regulars at the house.

Mrs Masterton is described as being a "somewhat monumental woman", and she reminds Poirot of a bloodhound. She has a deep voice, which reminds Poirot of a bloodhound's baying. She has a "full underhung jaw and large, mournful, slightly blood-shot eyes". She mentions that she used to breed bloodhounds, and that people have told her that she is a bit like one herself.

Mrs Masterton is very much in the centre of things at Nasse House and in the early part of the novel is busy organising the fete. often drawing on her husband's political agent Captain Jim Warburton for some chore or other. Of great concern to her is disentangling all the disputes relating to the setting up of the fete, such as an argument between some ladies on where to site the tea tent. This does not, however, prevent Mrs Masterton from getting involved in disputes herself, such as with Sally Legge on where to site the fortune telling tent.

During the preparations for the fête, she can be heard "baying out orders in rich full-blooded tones" when she is directing the elevation of a tea marquee. She recruits Poirot as a "useful apprentice" by asking him to hand her a bundle of pegs. In between the tasks they are doing, she talks to Poirot.

Mrs Masterton mentions the Eliots, who are mutual acquaintances of her and Poirot. This is her way of saying that although he is a foreigner, he is considered "One of Us".

After the discovery of the murder of Marlene Tucker and the disappearance of Hattie Stubbs, Mrs Masterton has very set ideas on how the crimes had happened and what the police should do. She believes, for example, that the police should bring in bloodhounds to search for Hattie Stubbs. She knows Major Merrall, the chief constable well, and constantly pesters him about her idea. Poirot observed that the best thing to do when talking to Mrs Masterton is simply to agree that she might be right.

Amanda Brewis considers Mrs Masterton to be the power behind the throne and that her husband owes his position entirely to her. She has all the drive, initiative and political acumen. Even Warburton refers to her as his real "boss". If she is not the boss, then "[s]he should be. She’s the one who wears the pants – and don’t I know it."