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Colonel Weston is the Chief Constable who makes two appearances in the Poirot novels. In Peril at End House (1932), he supervises the investigation into the murder of Maggie Buckley in St. Loo. The county he is in charge of can either be Cornwall or Devon depending on where St. Loo is believed to be situated.

In Evil Under the Sun (1941), he supervises the investigation into the murder of Arlena Marshall at Smugglers' Island. Here the county he is in charge of is most certainly Devon. St. Loo is also mentioned here and the context suggests it is nearby.

In both cases, Weston is highly appreciative of Poirot's presence and invites him to participate at all stages of the investigation. Like many other chief constables, he is concerned to solve the case with his own resources and reluctant to have to call in Scotland Yard. In Evil Under the Sun, however, towards the end, he decides to call on Scotland Yard when he sees that the case involves a drug smuggling angle that is clearly outside his purview.

Colonel Weston is described as a "tall man of military carriage with considerable good-looks".


Colonel Weston is not featured in the 1990 ITV TV adaptation of Peril at End House.

In the ITV 2001 TV adaptation of Evil Under the Sun there is a credit for a character "Chief Constable Weston" but in the episode itself, the character introduces himself as "Chief Inspector Charles Weston", and he is in any case not based in Devon but in Surrey.