Colonel Bradbury-Scott

In the novel Nemesis, Colonel Bradbury-Scott was the uncle of the Bradbury-Scott sisters Clotilde, Lavinia and Anthea, who all lived at the Old Manor House in Jocelyn St. Mary during the time of the events in the book. The Colonel was the original owner of the house but left it to his three nieces when he died.

The Colonel had lived at the Old Manor House some twenty years before the events in the book. Janet, an old servant at the house remembered the time when the Colonel had employed many more domestic staff and also kept horses and a groom. However the colonel had no surviving child. His wife had died young. His son had been killed during the First World War. His daughter had married a New Zealander and had gone to live there. She had died at childbirth together with the baby. With no remaining off-spring, the colonel left the Manor House to Clotilde, Lavinia and Anthea when he died. According to the gardener at the churchyard, the colonel was about seventy when he died.

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