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In the short story The Case of the Caretaker, Clarice Vane is the niece of Dr Haydock. She appears as a character in the manuscript that he writes.

Clarice is described as being a "tall, dark girl, handsome, warm-hearted and impulsive". She has big brown eyes.

In the story that Dr Haydock writes, Clarice is indignant at the things the people of the village are saying about Harry Laxton, and his affair with Bella Edge. When Dr Haydock asks why it upsets her so much, she says that the Laxtons look so happy, and she hates to think of it being spoiled by gossip and innuendo.

Clarice becomes friends with Louise Laxton. Louise finds reassurance in Clarice's company, because Clarice is so self-reliant and sure of herself. Clarice tells Louise that she must not let the matter of Mrs Murgatroyd get her down, and that she should ignore the gossip the villagers talk about.

Miss Marple points out that Clarice is of the same type as Bella Edge, to whom Harry Laxton had been attracted. She then surmises that Harry Laxton wanted to keep Louise's money, and marry Clarice.

It is revealed that Clarice was indeed attracted to Harry, but that it had not gone far, and she eventually got over him.