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Charles evans

Tom Harper as Charles "Chubby" Evans (renamed Corky) in Agatha Christie's Poirot

In the Hercule Poirot novel The Mystery of the Blue Train, Charles “Chubby” Evans is Lady Tamplin’s younger fourth husband. He is described as an "extremely good-looking young man of twenty-seven", with "delightful manners and a keen love of sport". He has no money of his own, thus he is financially dependent on Rosalie.

He lives at the Villa Marguerite, Riviera, France. He shares the household with his wife Rosalie and her daughter Lenox (note: Lenox is Rosalie's biological daughter but not Charles').

When Katherine Grey arrives in Nice, Charles meets her at the station. Katherine is told that she needs to complete certain formalities, and Charles listens to the conversation "with a very imperfect comprehension", as his knowledge of French is very limited. He expresses the opinion that this situation is very "like the French". He is described as being "one of those staunch patriotic Britons who, having made a portion of a foreign country their own, strongly resent the original inhabitants of it".

Charles is interested in the murder that occurred on the Blue Train, and considers Katherine lucky to have been involved in it. He expresses a wish that he could have gone with Katherine, and seen the scene of the crime, saying this in a "wistful and childlike" tone.

Charles later begins introducing Katherine to everyone by telling them that she was involved in the Blue Train case because she had talked to Ruth Kettering just a few hours before the murder. According to him, this is a piece of luck for her.

When Charles finds out that Katherine is Lady Tamplin's cousin, he asks if he should call her by her first name. Lady Tamplin tells him that it is of no importance what he calls her, so he decides to do so. He enjoys playing tennis, and is hopeful that Katherine plays as well.


In the Agatha Christie's Poirot episode adapted from The Mystery of the Blue Train, he was renamed Corky Evans and portrayed by Tom Harper. Unlike the original version, he is a passenger of the train, so a suspect of Ruth Kettering's murder.

On the night of the murder, Corky is playing cards with Derek Kettering and Armand de la Rochefour. He is later seen rushing past the train at four in the morning.

At the Villa Marguerite, Poirot sees Corky give something to Lady Tamplin. It is later revealed that this is an imitation of the Heart of Fire, which Corky had found outside the Blue Train while it was at a station, and had picked up. He then rushed past the train to get back on before it left.