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In the short story In a Glass Darkly, Charles Crawley was engaged to Sylvia Carslake, until she broke it off. He was tall and dark, and had a scar on the left side of his face.

Charles was apparently much older than Sylvia and quite well off. He died in battle, in the early part of 1918.


In the episode In a Glass Darkly of The Agatha Christie Hour, an TV film adaptation of the story, the part of Charles Crawley is played by Brian Anthony. The character as depicted is not significantly older than Sylvia. However his background is filled out for dramatic purposes. Surprisingly Sylvia said that she herself did not know what Charles' occupation was. He apparently had some business interests in South Africa. However he had told Sylvia that they would live in England because he felt that South Africa was no place to bring up a family. Like in the original story, Charles also died during the war.