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The Mousetrap is the longest running play in the world. The cast has changed numerous times.

Since the retirement of Mysie Monte (in 1967) and David Raven (in 1968), who each made history by remaining in the cast for more than 11 years, in their roles as Mrs Boyle and Major Metcalf, the cast has been changed annually. The change usually occurs around late November around the anniversary of the play's opening, and was the initiative of Sir Peter Saunders, the original producer. There is a tradition of the retiring leading lady and the new leading lady cutting a "Mousetrap cake" together.

The recorded voice of actor Deryck Guyler has been used since the first performance in 1952, as the voice reading the radio news bulletin.

Original 1952 cast

The original West End cast included:

1959-1960 production

1960-1961 production

  • Peter Boyes
  • Janet Hargreaves
  • Kerry Jordan
  • Michael Martin Harvey
  • Lorraine Peters
  • Madoline Thomas
  • Gordon Whiting

1962-1963 production

1964-1965 (13th year) production

1967 (15th year) production

1968-1969 production

1970 (18th year) production

1976 production

  • Brian McDermott as Detective Sergeant Trotter
  • Mary Law
  • Brian Spink
  • Mark Christon
  • Mary Hignett
  • Geoffrey Colvile
  • Patricia Samuels
  • Alan Gerrard

1978 (26th year) production

1982 production

1986 production

1986-1987 production

  • Doreen Andrew
  • Nicholas Courtney
  • Brian Darnley
  • Terrick Fitzhugh
  • Marcia King
  • Diana Marchment
  • Bill McCabe
  • Jamie Ripman

1990-1991 (39th year) production

1992-1993 (41st year) production

1993-1994 production

  • Nicholas Courtney

1998 production

25,000th performance and the 60th year of the production celebration cast

Back Row: Harry Lloyd, Iain Glen, Hugh Bonneville Middle: Nicholas Farrell, Miranda Hart, Patrick Stewart Front: Tansin Greig, Julie Walters. Cast of the 60th birthday performance of The Mousetrap

On 18th November 2012, both the 25,000th performance and the 60th year of the production were marked by a special, charity performance that featured Hugh Bonneville, Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters and Miranda Hart. It was directed by Phyllida Lloyd. The money raised by the performance went towards Mousetrap Theatre Projects.

60th anniversary U.K tour cast

2021 production

When West End theatres opened again after the Covid-19 epidemic, two different cast performed the play. One of the casts was called "classic" performed until 11 July 2021 on 17-19 May, 28 May-3 June, 11-17 June, 25 June-1 July, and 9-11 July. The other cast performed on 20-27 May, 4-10 June, 18-24 June, and 2-8 July.


Cast 1

Cast 2


2022 production