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Actress Rachael Stirling as Caroline Crale before being hanged for Amyas' murder

In the novel Five Little Pigs, Caroline Crale (née Spalding) was the wife of painter Amyas. She was put on trial for the poisoning of his husband, and was defended by Sir Montague Depleach. Originally she received the death sentence, but it was later changed to life imprisonment. Caroline died after a year in prison. She had a daughter, Carla, and a sister. Before dying, she had sent a letter to her daughter explaining she was innocent, and asking her to find the real culprit of Amyas' murder.

She made no effort to defend herself in court because she was defending her sister, whom she thought was the murderer. However, the latter wasn't the real killer.

As a child, she had thrown a paperweight at her sister Angela, disfiguring her.


In the Agatha Christie's Poirot adaptation, Caroline Crale was portrayed by Rachael Stirling. In this version Caroline was hanged.