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In the novel Five Little Pigs, Caroline “Carla” Lemarchant (born Crale) is the daughter of Caroline and Amyas Crale. She is described as a "tall, slender young woman in the early twenties; the kind of young woman that one definitely looked at twice. Her head was well poised on her shoulders, she had a square brow, a sensitively cut nose, and a determined chin". Carla has dark grey eyes, and her voice is "attractive, with a faint, agreeable huskiness to it".

She is engaged to John Rattery, and they want to get married and have children. Carla tells Poirot that she wants to have children, at least two girls and two boys.

She wants to know if her mother really did murder her father, so she contacts Hercule Poirot. She tells Poirot that her mother had written a letter to her, saying that she was innocent, and that Carla could always be sure of that.

According to Carla, her mother did not tell lies, and so she believes that if her mother said she was innocent, then she must be.She tells Poirot that because she knows her mother to be innocent, it is alright for her marrying John. However, it is not alright for John, who believes that Carla would naturally think that her mother was innocent. Carla tells Poirot that for this reason, she wants him to investigate, and find out the truth behind her father's death.

Carla was five years old at the time of her father's death, and was too young to know anything about it. Poirot finds out from Superintendent Hale that at that time, she had gone with her nurse, to visit her grandmother, Lady Tressillian.

Carla remembers leaving home suddenly, and being taken to the country. Everyone had been very kind, but had looked at her furtively. She knew that there was something wrong, but did not know what.

Carla was sent to Montreal to live with her uncle Simon and aunt Louise. She remembers going on a ship, which she found exciting, and her uncle meeting her at the port. When she asked about her parents, her uncle and aunt told her that they would be coming soon. Carla says that she "sort of knew" that her parents were dead without anyone telling her so.

Carla was very happy living in Canada. Her uncle and aunt were sweet to her, and she had many friends at school. Her aunt had told her that her name in Canada was Lemarchant, which seemed sensible to Carla at the time, but in time she forgot that she had ever had another name.

When Carla turned twenty-one, she was told that her mother had been convicted of murdering her father. She had to be told then, because she came into her own money, and her mother had also left a letter to be given to her when she turned twenty-one. This was the letter in which her mother assured her that she was innocent.

Carla attends a session at Handcross Manor, during which Poirot attempts to reconstruct the circumstances surrounding her father's death. Meredith Blake tells her that she is very like her mother because she has the same colouring and way of moving, but she is "more positive" than her mother ever was.

When Poirot wants to read aloud a letter which Caroline had written to Angela Warren while she was in prison, Angela refuses. However, Carla asks her to let Poirot read the letter. Carla says that she is speaking for her mother, and that she wants the letter read.

TV Portrayals[]

In the ITV Agatha Christie's Poirot episode, Carla is renamed Lucy Lemarchant. In this version, she tries to kill the murderer of the case but then Poirot makes her change idea and put her revolver down.