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In the novel The Sittaford Mystery, Captain Wyatt  is the resident of cottage No. 2 at Sittaford. An invalid, he lives alone with his servant Abdul.

The other neighbors did not like him nor associate with him. They consider him a surly man who did not like visitors. He was known, among other things, for his "tropical temper, his rudeness, his quarrels with his neighbors", and his constant bullying of his servant.

Nonetheless, he was also known for "his occasional amazing graciousness, usually to personable young women." When Emily Trefusis arrived at Sittaford, for example, he tried to make conversation and to invite her into his cottage for drinks, and was disappointed that Emily always turned him down. This was mostly because, given his ill-health, he was never seriously considered a suspect in the murder of Captain Trevelyan. Related to this, Wyatt was also somewhat miffed that Inspector Narracott never bothered to question him.

Wyatt is described as "a tall thin man with a very brown complexion, bloodshot eyes and gray hair ... propped up with a crutch on one side...." To Emily, "[a]nything more like a battered wreck of a man than Captain Wyatt she had never seen."