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In the novel The Body in the Library, Briggs is mentioned by Miss Marple. He was the former head gardener at Old Hall. He had three under-gardeners and a boy, to help him. He knew exacly when one of them was slacking off. Although he is retired, he does a little jobbing, especially if he likes the people.

Miss Marple likened Sir Henry to him, as Sir Henry is also retired, but was jobbing to help an old friend, Conway Jefferson.

In the novel The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side, he looks after Dr Sandford's garden. He was clipping something quite close to the study, and overheard Dr Sandford calling the police station in Much Benham, after the death of Heather Badcock. Briggs told his daughter, who told the postwoman, who told Dolly Bantry.

In the 1992 BBC adaptation he also worked for Dolly Bantry. He does not appear on screen but he told Dolly that Dr Petrie (who plays the role of Dr Sandford in the adaptation) had gone to see the body of Heather Badcock and thereafter called the police.