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In the novel 4.50 from Paddington, Brackhampton is a town located about forty minutes by train from London's Paddington Station, and an hour away from Milchester. Rutherford Hall is located near Brackhampton. St. Mary Mead is located nine miles from Brackhampton and Elspeth McGillicuddy took a taxi there.

Florence Hill, a former maid of Jane Marple, runs a boarding house on 4 Madison Road, Brackhampton.

The 4:50 train from Paddington Station stops at Platform 1 at Milchester station. It departs from Brackhampton at 5:38 and continues to Milchester, Waverton, Roxeter, and stations to Chadmouth. The train to Market Basing departs from Platform 3. The train to Carbury departs from the No.1 bay.

Locations in and near Brackhampton[]