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In the novel 4.50 from Paddington, Detective Sergeant Bob Wetherall was sent by Inspector Craddock to see if a Mrs Martine Crackenthorpe lived at 126 Elvers Crescent, N10, or was calling for letters there. He is to bring a photograph of the murdered woman, to see if anyne recognises her.

He finds that no one at the address recognises the woman in the photograph as someone who called for letters, but he does not think that anyone would recognise her anyway, as a lot of people use the place.

Sergeant Wetherall also checks the hotels, and finds no one registering under the name of Martine Crackenthorpe anywhere.

Later in the novel, Sergeant Wetherall accompanies Inspector Craddock to Harold Crackenthorpe's office, to question him about his movements on the day of the murder. Sergeant Wetherall, who lives "in a state of dark suspicions of all and sundry", observes that Harold did not like them questioning him. However, Inspector Craddock feels that there is nothing in that.

After Inspector Craddock has questioned members of the Crackenthorpe family about their movements on the day of the murder, Sergeant Wetherall is tasked with checking whether their alibis are substantiated.