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IzzyWrites11 IzzyWrites11 13 June 2020

Crooked House Fan Fic: Ayame

Yes. It was that family. You know them, don’t you? The Dedlees-Leethels? The house down Elmurda Road? The mansion? No? Well, then they might do something behind your back! Be cautious, for their idiosyncrasies disguise’d really thought I’d tell you, didn’t you? Well, read on then. I’m their neighbour, by the way. Well, I live an hour away and come to their bush at the front gates everyday but we’re close, well, they are oblivious to my existence and it isn’t mutual, but I’ve befriended Ayame Leethel, the youngest daughter, she once darted her eyes towards my bony, bonny face and smiled. I never saw her again. Usually, at night, her lights were turned on and the curtains closed at 1am, she read all night. Fairytales and fairytal…

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Tiberius II Tiberius II 23 May 2020

List of Murders - SPOILERS

(may contain spoilers - click on expand to read)

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Tiberius II Tiberius II 21 May 2020

Miss Marple Order

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Tiberius II Tiberius II 15 May 2020

Trope notes

  • It all began in India...
  • The victim knows a dark secret.
  • A murderous couple.
  • The murderers are secretly related
  • The murderer is an actor/actress.
  • The murderer was cheating on the victim.
  • The murderer stands to inherit from the victim
  • The murderer makes a false confession early on.
  • The murderer pretends to be the intended victim.
  • Miss Marple is injured.
  • Disguising a corpse.
  • Disguising the time of death.
  • The witnesses are intentionally misled.
  • A murder in a Hotel.
  • A supposedly supernatural element.
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Zombienomicon Zombienomicon 18 November 2019

An immortal of literature

Agatha Christie is a true immortal of literature, and was an absolutely brilliant observer of human nature and human behaviour. She was also, albeit an arch conservative, a true feminist in terms of wanting equality for women in the sense of a status as equal but different. At times in fact her author insert characters posit that in some respects women although physically the weaker sex are overall the stronger, more resourceful (through necessity), braver and more clever of the sexes!

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DunleaGlenn DunleaGlenn 3 November 2012


I know I'm the only one that uses this thig, but I just thought I'd put it out there; I've put in a request to adopt this Wiki. It's probably not too surprising considering the work I've done and the lack thereof by other users, but I felt I could bring a new pinache to the page by being an Admin. Thank you.

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