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Police-Constable Billy Palk is a police officer working in St. Mary Mead.

In the novel The Body in the Library, Police-Constable Palk receives a telephone call telling him about the body of a young woman being found in the library at Gossington Hall. He then telephones to Inspector Slack, to inform him.

Police-Constable Palk goes to Gossington Hall, and stands guard outside the library, having received orders not to let anyone in. However, Mrs Bantry insists that Miss Marple be allowed to see the body, and Palk relents, as he has a habit of giving in to the gentry. He warns them that nothing must be touched or moved, and follows them into the room. The ladies leave just before Inspector Slack arrives, much to Palk's relief.

In the short story Tape-Measure Murder, Constable Palk is summoned when Miss Hartnell discovers Mrs Spenlow dead. He picks up a pin at the scene of the crime. Constable Palk also questions Miss Marple, as Mr Spenlow had said that he had received a telephone call from Miss Marple, asking him to come to her house at a quarter past three.

Constable Palk also appears in the continuation short story Miss Marple's Christmas. Here he is summoned to Gossington Hall after a string of valuable pearls belonging to a house guest goes missing. He takes statements from all the witnesses and then later has to spend the night at Gossington Hall as he is snowed in. He later cooperates with Miss Marple in apprehending the culprit.



In BBC 1984 adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series, Palk is played by John Bardon. He is not featured in the later ITV 2004 adaptation.