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Actor Christopher Scoular as Bill Eversleigh (right) in the 1981 film The Seven Dials Mystery

In the novel The Secret of Chimneys, Bill Eversleigh is a secretary working for the Foreign Office. He was described as being "twenty-five, big and rather ungainly in his movements, a pleasantly ugly face, a splendid set of white teeth and a pair of honest brown eyes".

Bill's employer is revealed to be George Lomax.

In The Secret of Chimneys

In The Secret of Chimneys, Bill Eversleigh makes his first appearance. Here, he usually asks Virginia Revel to marry him. However, Virginia marries Anthony Cade instead. The two later go to live abroad.

In The Seven Dials Mystery

In The Seven Dials Mystery, Bill organizes a prank against Gerald Wade, which consisted in placing eight alarm clocks in the latter's room to make the victim wake up early. However, Wade had died of a lethal dose of chloral hydrate in the night. In the same novel, the murderer of the case (which is revealed to be Jimmy Thesiger, one of the participants of the Wade prank) tries to poison Bill but fails and is arrested by Superintendent Battle. Just like in The Secret of Chimneys, Bill Eversleigh tries to help the superintendent to reveal the identity of the murderer.

The story closes with Eileen Brent's announcement of her marriage with Bill.