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In the short story The Arcadian Deer, Bianca Valetta is a former maid of the ballerina Katrina Samoushenka.

Poirot went in search of her as he thought she might be "Nita", the mysterious girl whom Ted Williamson had fallen in love with and whom he had asked him to help find. However when Poirot called at her last known lodgings at 17 Upper Renfrew Lane N15, the landlady there told him that she had in a hurry to return to Italy.

Later, Poirot learnt from an acquaintance of his, Count Alexis Pavlovitch that he knew Madame Samoushenka had a maid. He had met her when he was seeing her employer off to London from Paris. The maid was an Italian and had come from Pisa.

Finally Poirot journeyed to Pisa and found that Miss Valetta had died while being operated on for appendicities. However, from her parents, Poirot learnt that her first name was "Bianca" and not "Nita". This led Poirot to suspect that his quest was not over.