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In the short story The Double Clue, Bernard Parker is a young man who was present at the tea party where a valuable necklace was stolen. The party host and owner of the necklace Marcus Hardman describes Parker as "a young man about town ... quite in the swim...."

According to Hardman, Parker undertook special commissions from him. Parker would act as a go-between when people in high society wanted to sell their jewels privately and discreetly to Hardman. Parker arranged the details with both sides so that any embarrassment can be avoided.

Hastings describes Parker as someone he took an instant dislike to. During his interview with Poirot at his house on Bury Street, he was dressed in "an amazing dressing-gown of purple and orange." He had a "white, effeminate face and affected lisping speech."

Parker became a suspect because a cigarette case with the initials B.P. was found at the scene of crime. However Poirot ultimately proved he was innocent.


Bernard Parker is played by David Bamber in the film adaptation of The Double Clue in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. The portrayal is close to that in the original.