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At Bertram's Hotel is a BBC television film adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel starring Joan Hickson in the lead role as Miss Marple. It was directed by Mary McMurray and the screenplay was written by Jill Hyem and first aired on 25 January 1987 as the 8th episode of BBC's Miss Marple TV series. It was an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel of the same name.


Miss Marple has a nostalgic stay at one of London's most elegant and venerable hotels where nothing seems to have changed from long ago. She soon discovers that it is "almost too good to be true".

Comparison with original novel[]

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The adaptation is fairly faithful to the original novel except for a few small changes.

  • Miss Marple doesn't encounter Bess Sedgwick at the Army & Navy Stores. She actually follows Bess to Derry & Toms and eavesdrops on her and Malinowski at the Kensington Rooftop Gardens.
  • There is no high level conference at Scotland Yard. Davy is already conducting surveillance on the hotel at the beginning of the show.
  • Elvira does not need to stage a jewel theft a Bollard's to raise the money to travel to Ireland. This entire side plot is eliminated. She merely asks Derek Luscombe for an advance on her allowance because she says she plans to go shopping with Bridget.
  • Canon Pennyfather is shown with Whittaker at the Athenaeum and then at an Indian restaurant which is dramatised in detail but he does not go to the cinema.
  • Malinowski drives a red Jaguar and not a white Mercedes Otto. The number is still FAN2266.
  • In the original Elvira Blake is not yet arrested at the end. Bess is killed in a car accident while escaping. The book ends with Davy determined not to let Elvira get away with it. In this adaptation, Elvira is arrested and taken away. Miss Marple finds a diary belonging to Elvira which (presumably) had some damning evidence in it. The show ends with the police going through the hotel which presumably will be closed down shortly.


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Filming Locations[]

  • Kensington Roof Gardens - on the roof of the Derry & Toms building. Bess and Malinowski's meeting.



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