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Colonel Arthur Bantry was the husband of Jane Marple's friend Dolly Bantry.

A sensitive if inarticulate man, he was very badly affected by the discovery of a body in his library and even more by the suspicion the murder created in the neighborhood. Arthur Bantry took a considerable interest in his home farm, especially the pigs, and was a rather important person locally active in various organizations.



In the BBC "Miss Marple" series, Arthur Bantry was played by Moray Watson. He appeared in "The Body in the Library" (1984). In this adaptation, as in the novel, when he is brooding he goes to the farm to look at the pigs. In this adaptation, one of the pigs is named Lucinda.

In the ITV series "Agatha Christie's Marple", Arthur Bantry was played by James Fox. He appeared in "The Body in the Library" (2004).