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In the novel Crooked House, Aristide Leonides was a Anglo-Greek buissness man. He was born in Smyrna and arrived in England in 1884, aged twenty-four. His first business was a small restaurant in Soho. When this started to make profit he opened another one and so on. Soon he owned seven or eight restaurants. After a while he was behind most of the well known restaurants in London. Later he branched out into catering, and even later dealt in the second hand clothes trade and cheap jewellery stores. According to the Scotland Yard he was a crooked man, but he never broke the law.

He lived at Three Gables with his second wife, his former sister-in-law, his sons (Roger and Philip) and their families.

By the time of his death, he had survived his first wife and six of their eight children. Among his children were: Roger, Philip, Electra and Joyce. Joyce had a son named William.


In the 2017 Crooked House film, Aristide Leonides was portrayed by actor Gino Picciano.