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In the novel Dumb Witness, Angus is the gardener at Little Green House. He stayed on after the death of Emily Arundell, as Wilhelmina Lawson thought that the house would be easier to sell if the garden was maintained.

When Miss Arundell made her will, it was done in the presence of Mr Purvis. Angus and Mr Purvis' clerk were witnesses.

Angus tells Poirot that Charles Arundell used to ask him questions about flowers and weeds. He mentions a joke that he and Charles had about weedkiller. Charles had said that if he had a wife and wanted to get rid of her, he would come to Angus for some weedkiller, and Angus had said that perhaps it would be Charles' wife who would want to get rid of him.

Poirot finds that the tin of weedkiller is almost empty, and Angus is surprised. He says that he had no idea that he had used that much.