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Angela warren

Actress Sophie Winkleman as Angela Warren

In the novel Five Little Pigs, Angela Warren (cried 'wee wee wee' all the way home) is an archaeologist, and the younger half sister of Caroline Crale. She and Caroline had the same mother, but different fathers. She was good friends with Caroline's husband, despite the fact that she often pranked him.

The right side of her face is disfigured, after her sister had thrown a paperweight at her as a child. Caroline's husband Amyas considered sending her to college.

Angela had some money of her own, which was left to her by her father. After her parents died, she lived with Caroline and Amyas. Angela was fond of Caroline, and Caroline treated her with special affection. It was said that Caroline spoiled Angela badly.

According to Philip Blake, Amyas liked Angela, but was jealous of how Caroline would put her first and do anything for her. Angela, in turn, was jealous of Amyas, and "rebelled against his overbearing ways". She had been furious with Amyas' decision that she should go to school, and played tricks on him in revenge, such as putting slugs into his bed.

According to Miss Williams, Angela was an interesting girl, with a really good brain and "a very fine character", even though she was undisciplined, quick-tempered, and difficult to manage in a lot of ways. she had 'fits of temper', when she would resent teasing and be sulky for days, and then she would be "in wild spirits", "refusing to submit to any kind of authority".

In the present, Angela lives in a flat overlooking Regent's Park. Poirot interviews her there, and also attends a lecture she delivers at the Royal Geographical.

Poirot considers Angela's lecture and her delivery to be excellent. She "neither paused nor hesitated for a word", and did not repeat herself. The tones of her voice were "clear and not unmelodious". The lecture was "an admirable recital of concise facts", illustrated with slides, and with intelligent deductions made from the facts. Poirot approves of this because it shows that Angela has an orderly mind.

Angela is described as having regular features, although they are severe. She has "finely marked dark brows, clear intelligent brown eyes", and "fine pale skin". She has "very square shoulders", and her walk is slightly mannish.

Angela's right cheek bears the healed scar from when Caroline attacked her as a child. Her right eye is slightly distorted, and the corner is pulled downwards by the scar, but it is not obvious that she is blind in that eye. Poirot is of the opinion that she has lived with her disability for so long that she is now unconscious of it.

Angela tells Poirot that she approves of Carla Lemarchant's wanting to find out the truth of who killed Amyas, and that she will do anything she can to help. She says that she feels guilty for never attempting anything herself, but that she has always known that Caroline did not kill him. She has no evidence for this, except her own conviction that her sister could not have killed anyone.

Angela shows Poirot a portrait of Caroline, which hangs inn her room. She also shows him a letter which Caroline wrote to her after she had been condemned.

Role in the novel (warning; may contain spoilers)[]

When Amyas was poisoned, Caroline sent Angela to college and cleaned the poisoned bottle of beer because she thought Angela was the killer. However, the real killed was Amyas' lover Elsa. The day of Amyas' murder, Angela had broken into Meredith Blake's laboratory to make yet another prank for Amyas.


In the Agatha Christie's Poirot Five Little Pigs episode, she was portrayed by actress Sophie Winkleman. Her young counterpart was played by Talulah Riley.