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Varaga of Herzoslovakia (born Angèle Mory; claimed maiden name Countess Varaga Popoleffsky) was the last queen consort of Herzoslovakia before the revolution.

She was a French actress living in Paris and an accomplice of the famous thief King Victor. She was hired by the Comrades of the Red Hand to seduce King Nicholas IV and lure him into a trap, but instead she doublecrosses her employer and gets married with the king. The king posed her as Countess Varaga Popoleffsky and claimed that she descended from the Romanovs. But she was still working with King Victor, while in the court of Herzoslovakia, and helped him stealing gems from the crown jewel and replace them with artificial ones. Varaga and King Victor communicated by coded letters and used aliases. King Victor used 'Captain O'Neill' and Varaga borrowed the name of a honourable lady from the embassy, Virginia Revel. The letters were disguised as love letters from a married woman, so if they were found no one would suspect a thing and even not believing Virginia Revel, if she denies any knowledge of them.

The Comrades of The Red Hand were furious over Varaga's betrayal and attempted to kill her. In the end they raised the revolution in Herzoslovakia, which resulted in the death of King Nicholas, but before the revolution the king and queen had visited England and were guests at the Chimneys. During that visit, Varaga and King Victor pulled off one heist, stealing the Koor-I-Noor from the British crown jewels, but a third party, Count Stylptitch, who despised Varaga, hid away the gem at another place in the Chimneys.

During the revolution Varaga managed to fake her death and escape. She kidnapped and stole the identity of Genevieve Brun and became a governess at the Chimneys to search for the gem.