"And then there were none" official DVD's box set cover depicting the characters in its 2015 BBC version.

And Then There Were None is a British drama thriller miniseries that was broadcast on BBC One from 26 to 28 December 2015. The three-part programme was written by Sarah Phelps and is based on Agatha Christie's novel of the same name.


Europe teeters on the brink of war. Ten strangers are invited to Soldier Island, an isolated rock near the Devon coast. Cut off from the mainland, with their generous hosts Mr and Mrs U.N. Owen mysteriously absent, they are each accused of a terrible crime. When one of the party dies suddenly they realise they may be harbouring a murderer among their number.

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No. Image Title Writer Director Airdate
1 And then there were none Title card Episode One Sarah Phelps Craig Viveiros December 26, 2015
In August 1939, as war approaches, eight troubled strangers are invited to a house on Soldier Island, an isolated island off the coast of Devon. Each lured by differing inducements, they are met by a butler and his wife, the housekeeper. They learn their hosts, Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen, are absent. After the evening meal, all ten learn they are there to be judged for crimes they have committed in the past. By morning, two of the ten are dead and the rest are cut off from civilisation.
2 And then there were none Title card Episode Two Sarah Phelps Craig Viveiros December 27, 2015
Two figurines out of a set of ten found on the dining table are missing, arousing suspicion from the other eight that one of them is the murderer. They realise that whoever left the mysterious message intends to make good on their threat, according to the rules of the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Soldiers". After three more deaths, and with three more figurines gone, the survivors band together to search all the rooms and belongings to unmask the killer and save themselves.
3 And then there were none Title card Episode Three Sarah Phelps Craig Viveiros December 28, 2015
Five of the original ten are left. Following the death of another, the four left become hysterical, thinking of their fate, drinking and taking drugs. In the night, one escapes the house, leaving the other three to believe he is the killer. Two more figurines disappear. A body is found on the beach. The real truth of their crimes come to the fore as the eighth guest is found dead, and the final two turn on each other

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Image Name Actor
P03c529h Anthony Marston Douglas Booth
Playboy and petrolhead, Marston is a breathtaking picture of young manhood. Beautiful as a sun god, he blasts through life without an iota of self-consciousness – leaving the rest of humanity blinking away the exhaust fumes.
P03c52bs Dr Armstrong Toby Stephens
With his Harley Street practice, substantial wealth and enduring good looks, the confident and precise Dr Armstrong, who specialises in women’s ailments, is by most measures a tremendous success. But it takes little to expose his terrible temper, which sours life for all who cross his path.
P03c528j DS William Blore Burn Gorman
Operating on Soldier Island under a pseudonym, the boorish William Blore is a police detective moonlighting as ‘security’ for the enigmatic Mr and Mrs U.N. Owen. He is ill-at-ease with the complex social web in which he finds himself trapped.
P03c52by Emily Brent Miranda Richardson
A prudish Teddington spinster and passionate Anglican who has devoted her life to improving the lot of young women. Emily’s commitment to Christ knows no limits and those who fail to meet her strict moral standards inevitably suffer the blunt end of her intractable beliefs.
P03c529p General McArthur Sam Neill
A decorated war hero, General MacArthur is decent, upstanding and thoroughly romantic. A patriot, no doubt about it, yet there is much about the war that haunts him – much that he finds unspeakable.
P03c527k Justice Lawrence Wargrave Charles Dance
Once possessed of a brilliant legal mind, Justice Wargrave became notorious as a merciless ‘hanging judge’ – but is now a diminished figure: profoundly frail and battling against a crumbling memory. However, there is one sentence he has never forgotten…
P03c525w Philip Lombard Aidan Turner
A natural predator in any circumstance, and he knows it. Lombard has made a life in Africa as a soldier of fortune, not through greed or political conviction but because it’s how he feels most thoroughly himself. Whether what he does makes him a good or a bad man is immaterial.
P03c526k Vera Claythorne Maeve Dermody
A games mistress, now beginning a secretarial career after witnessing a terrible tragedy, Vera is decent and polite and plays down her compelling beauty to evade the attention of men. But she is hostage to her darker self…
P03c52bm Thomas Rogers Noah Taylor
Hounded from prior employments by cruel gossip, the new butler on Soldier Island has nothing left in the world besides his wife, Ethel. Under the backing of Mr and Mrs U.N. Owen, they are the very model of efficiency and deference – though behind closed doors their partnership is increasingly bitter.
P03c528t Ethel Rogers Anna Maxwell-Martin
Meek and biddable, Soldier Island’s housekeeper is the wife of Thomas Rogers, on whom she is utterly dependant. A life of service and the stain of rumour have weakened her soul; Ethel’s one retreat is in the kitchen, where she truly excels.

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And Then There Were None was commissioned by Ben Stephenson and Charlotte Moore for the BBC to mark the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie's birth. The adaptation was produced by Mammoth Screen in partnership with Agatha Christie Productions.

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