Amyas crale

Actor Aidan Gillen as Amyas Crale in Agatha Christie's Poirot

In the Hercule Poirot novel Five Little Pigs, Amyas Crale was a forty year old painter and the husband of Caroline. He also had one daughter, Carla. He was very fond of Caroline's half sister Angela. However, after Angela pranked him, he considered sending her to college.

According to Phillip Blake, Amyas was "one of those people that don't usually have health problems".

He was poisoned with coniine.

Role in the novel (warning; it may contain several spoilers) Edit

He had been asked by twenty year old Elsa Greer to make a portrait of her. Amyas didn't regularly paint people (as Sir Montague Depleach noted: "Amyas didn't paint subjects like 'Mrs Blinkety Blank in satin and pearls'") but he made an exception for Elsa. Due to this, the latter thought that Amyas was going to leave his wife and marry her. However, when Elsa realized that Amyas didn't have such plans, she stole coniine from Meredith Blake's laboratory and poisoned his beer.

Portrayals Edit

In the Agatha Christie's Poirot episode adapted from Five Little Pigs, Amyas Crale was portrayed by actor Aidan Gillen.

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