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In the novel Five Little Pigs, Mr Alfred Edmunds is the managing clerk in George Mayhew's firm. He was already working for the firm years ago during time of the trial of Caroline Crale. He took an interest in the case and attended every day of the trial.

Edmunds was impressed by Caroline. To him she was a lady, "she was quality". She sat so quietly and gently through the proceedings that he could not believe she had done the killing. But on the other hand there was nothing else to believe, given the evidence. Among the witnesses, Elsa Greer was like a balked tigress. She was bitter and vindictive but then she obviously wanted Amyas Crale alive. Another witness who impressed Edmunds was Cecilia Williams the governess. She stood up well to the questioning, "answered pat and to the point", and one could not tell whose side she was on. Edmunds thought she knew more than she let on.

Edmunds is described as being "a man of slow speech". He spends time sizing up Poirot before speaking to him. He has shrewd eyes, and huge bushy eyebrows.

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