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In the novel Dead Man's Folly, Alec Legge is a nuclear physicist. He and his wife had rented the Lawders' cottage, Mill Cottage, by Mill Creek in Nassecombe for three months during the time that coincided with the fete.

Alec is described as being a "tall young man with his face peeling badly from sunburn".

Alec tells Poirot that people should think of "the mess the whole world has got itself into", and says that one cannot get away from facing truth just by running away from it. He says that somebody hasto do something, but when Poirot asks if that somebody is him, he says that one "can't be personal in times like these".

Alec also says that he would like to see "every feeble-minded person put out". He would like to see what would happen if for one generation, only the intelligent were allowed to breed.

The stay at Mill Cottage was intended as a rest cure and an effort to restore his marriage. Prior to this, Sally had become increasingly dissatisfied with him. As she told Poirot, Alec had become moody and wrapped up in himself. According to Sally, people would ring up and leave strange messages for him but he wouldn't tell her what was wrong.

Poirot eventually divined the cause but this side plot did not relate to the murder he had come to solve. In his youth, Alec had held left leaning views and he had been pressured to spy for a foreign country. He tried to stop but was threatened with consequences. He was supposed to meet his handler while at Nassecombe using the folly as the rendezvous. Poirot had in fact met the handler at the fete. Poirot noted that he always seemed to wear a shirt with turtles on it and stayed at the Youth Hostel at Hoodown Park

At the end of the story, Sally leaves Alec for Michael Weyman. Poirot visits Mill Cottage, and finds Alec packing up. He tells Alec that with all his worry about the fate of the world and over his own circumstances, he had become "a man almost impossible for any woman to live with happily". He had not confided in Sally, causing her to start comparing him unfavourably with Michael. Poirot advises Alec to go after Sally, ask her forgiveness, and tell her everything.

Alec decides to follow Poirot's advice, saying that divorce is expensive, and that if one has the woman one wants, and is not able to keep her, it is a bit humiliating. He apologises for his "filthy temper", and claps Poirot on the shoulder with so much force that Poirot staggers and almost falls.