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Actor Reece Dinsdale as Albert Batt

Albert Batt is the assistant to Tommy and Tuppence Beresford.

Early in his career, before his employment with the Beresfords, he was a lift boy at the building in which Rita Vandemeyer lived. At one time he worked as a pub owner, but later became butler at the Beresford residence. He was married to Amy.

In the novel The Secret Adversary, Albert helps Tuppence get a place as Mrs Vandemeyer's maid, by telling Mrs Vandemeyer that he has a friend who knows a girl.

Albert later tells Tuppence when Mrs Vandemeyer is leaving, giving Tuppence a chance to stall her until Julius Hersheimmer and Sir James Peel Edgerton can get there. When Julius and Sir James arrive, Albert helps them get into Mrs Vandemeyer's flat by sending them up in the coal lift, instead of ringing the bell.

After Tuppence disappears, Albert goes with Tommy to Gateshead, Kent, where they believe she is being held at a house called Astley Priors. Albert helps Tommy collect information. He makes friends with the greengrocer's boy and takes his place, in order to ingratiate himself with the cook and gain information from her. He also goes with Tommy to explore the house, and insists that they drag themselves along on their stomachs. Albert imagines that there might be a puma or tame cobra guarding the house, but there is none.

Albert also manages to throw a message through Tuppence's window, telling her that if she can get away, to come to the inn where they are staying, and croak like a frog. Tommy tells him that his imagination runs away with him.