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In the novel The Moving Finger, Agnes Woddell was a maid at the house of Richard Symmington. Before the events in the novel, Agnes used to work along with Miss Partridge at Little Furze. Agnes Woddell was the second murder victim. Fred Rendell was her boyfriend.

In the middle of the book. Agnes had a quarrel with Fred and returned home early on her day off. She was therefore at home during the time Mrs Symmington was believed to have committed suicide after reading the contents of an anonymous letter. However Agnes had been looking out for Fred to come and apologise and saw that no postman had come to deliver the letter. This puzzled her and she called Partridge and wanted to see her about it. Agnes was, however murdered before she could meet Partridge. Her body was discovered by Megan Hunter.

Agnes was first stunned with a blow to the head, and then a kitchen skewer, which had been sharpened to a point, was thrust in the base of her skull. Her body was then hidden in a cupboard under the stairs.


Agnes does not feature in the BBC 1985 adaptation of the novel. Her role is taken over by Beatrice Dunn.

In the ITV 2006 adaptation of the novel (Episode 2, Series of Agatha Christie's Marple), Agnes is played Ellen Capron. Her surname has been changed "Brown". Just as in the original novel she has a boyfriend Fred Rendell and used to work at "Little Furze" under Partridge.