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Agatha and the Midnight Murders is an upcoming 2020 television film. It is written by Tom Dalton and directed by Joe Stephenson.

The film's closing credits starts with an announcement:

”This film has not been endorsed, licensed or authorised by the estate of Agatha Christie or by Agatha Christie Limited.”


  • Helen Baxendale as Agatha Christie
  • Alistair Petrie as Sir Malcolm Campbell
  • Blake Harrison as Travis
  • Gina Bramhill as Grace
  • Vanessa Grasse as Nell
  • Elizabeth Tan as Jun
  • Daniel Caltagirone as Eli
  • Jodie McNee as PC O'Hanauer
  • Morgan Watkins as Rocco
  • Michael D. Xavier as Max Mallowan
  • Scott Chambers as Clarence
  • Thomas Chaanhing as Frankie
  • Jacqueline Boatswain as Audrey


In an interview with the Radio Times, Dalton revealed that the film originally was being called Agatha and the Death of X.[1]

References and allusions

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References to actual history, geography, and current science

At one point in the film, Agatha is asked about her knowledge about Bletchley Park and the work taking place there. In real life Agatha was suspected of knowing about the secret war effort, after one of her characters in her novel N or M? is named Major Bletchley.