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The Agatha Christie Society was founded by Agatha Christie Ltd in 1993 with the stated purpose of promoting "communication between the loyal fans of this great writer and the different media who bring her works, in their various forms, to the public". Rosalind Hicks, the daughter of Agatha Christie served as its President, with David Suchet and Joan Hickson as vice-presidents. Mathew Prichard served as its chairman. Membership was open to fans from all over the world according to a scale of annual fees starting with 10 pounds per annum in the UK.[1]

Members received The Christie Chronicle, a newsletter produced quarterly with interesting articles and news about Agatha Christie. The newsletters were edited by Corinne B Pitts and Elaine Z Wiltshire, both employees of Agatha Christie Ltd.

The society closed in 2003. No reason was stated but presumably the rise of the internet and the proliferation of information about Agatha Christie on the web rendered a physical newsletter obsolete. During its time, the society advertised its membership through flyers and also through advertisements in the back of Agatha Christie books. The PO box address of the society given in these advertisements no longer works.


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