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Agatha Christie – Official Centenary Celebration is a book published in 1990, on the centenary of the birth of Agatha Christie.


  • The Agatha Christie Centenery
  • Little Agatha Miller by Lynn Underwood
    • Essay on Christie's childhood.
  • Agatha the Poet by Charles Osborne
    • A review of Christie's poetry.
  • Pre-war Society by Lynn Underwood
    • Essay on Christie's youth, including her trip to Egypt.
  • Phials of Green and Blue by Lynn Underwood
    • An account of Christie's pharmaceutical training.
    • Facsimile of her Qualifying Certificate by the Society of Apothecaries of London.
    • Christie has been mentioned in pharmaceutical journals on several occasions:
      • The Pharmaceutical Journal 1923 contains a review of The Mysterious Affair at Styles and comments that the descriptions of poisons are "so well done, in fact, we are tempted to behere either the author had pharmaceutical training...."[1]
      • The Pharmaceutical Journal, 1978 has the article "Dame Agatha's Poisonous Pharmacopoeia"[2]
      • Pharmacy in History, 1982 has the article [3]
  • A Trap for the Unwary
    • Reprint of a relatively unknown short story first published by Christie in The Novel Magazine, May 1923.
  • Michael Parkinson's Confession Album - 1973
    • T.V. personality Michael Parkinson compiled an album comprising questionnaires filled by celebrities about their likes and dislikes. Agatha Christie's handwritten response is reproduced. From this we learn, among other things, that her favourite flower was the lily of the valley, her favourite colour is green, and her favourite animal dogs.
  • A Whirlwind Courtship and Marriage - by Janet Morgan
    • How Agatha and Archie Christie met and then got married and a brief account of their life together in the 1920s.
  • Rosalind - by Janet Morgan
    • About Agatha and her daughter Rosalind.
  • Hercule Poirot - Fictions Greatest Detective
  • Enter Allen Lane and the Penguins
  • The Many Faces of Poirot
  • Agatha's Orient Express
  • Her Esoteric World of Invention
  • The Gentle but Determined Character
  • An Extraordinary Diversity of Characters
  • The Sectret of Mary Westmacott
  • The Complete Agatha Christie Booklist and Short Story Collection
  • Agatha and Max
  • Agatha Among the Archaeologists
  • Beit Agatha (Agatha's Houses) by Frances M Naldrett
  • Agatha Christie - A Legend for Grandmother
  • The Queen of Crime on the Radio
  • Why not Write a Play?
  • "You Made Theatrical History Tonight"
  • The Complete List of Agatha Christie Plays
  • Murder and Mystery on the Silver Screen
  • The Complete List of Agatha Christie Films
  • The Small Screen Makes Christie Magic
  • A Tribute to Agatha
  • The Next Ten Years?


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