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Agatha Christie: Unfinished Portrait is a BBC television documentary covering the life of Agatha Christie. A semi-biopic, key events which influenced her writing are dramatized and supported by archival footage and recordings, interspersed with excepts from the Joan Hickson and David Suchet adaptations of her stories. There are also interviews with significant personalities associated with Christie and her works. The episode is part of BBC's Arena series of documentaries. It is narrated by Joan Hickson and directed by James Marsh and first broadcast on 20 Sep 1990.


  • Joan Hickson - Narrator (voice)
  • Hermione Eyre as Young Agatha
  • M.J. Ronayne as Mad Pharmacist
  • Helena Hague as The Dream
  • Charles Daish as The Dream
  • Kay Clayton as The Dream
  • Barry Wise as The Dream
  • Robert Barnard - Self
  • Agatha Christie - Self (archive footage)
  • George Gowler - Self (Agatha Christie's butler - demonstrates conjuring tricks)
  • Anne Hart - Self
  • Kathleen Humphries - Self (a medium, on Christie's state of mind at the Harrogate Hydro)
  • Dean James - Self
  • H. R. F. Keating - Self
  • Max Mallowan - Self (archive sound)
  • Dr Janet Morgan - Self (Christie biographer)
  • David Oates - Self (archaeologist, friends of the Mallowans)
  • Joan Oates - Self (archaeologist, friends of the Mallowans)
  • Gwen Robyns - Self (Christie biographer)
  • Sir Peter Saunders - Self
  • Marion Schofield - Self (talking about Christie's 1926 disappearance)
  • Dr Seiva - Self (a forensic pathologist - on the accuracy of her descriptions of poisoning)
  • Brian Stone - Self (Christie's literary agent)
  • David Suchet - Self (on the Poirot character)

Significant scenes dramatised[]

  • Christie's "gunman" dream[1]
  • The "crazy" pharmacist who kept curare in his pocket.[2]


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