Agatha Christie's Marple is a British ITV television series based on the Miss Marple and other murder mystery novels by Agatha Christie. It is also known as Marple. The title character was played by Geraldine McEwan from the first to third series, until her retirement from the role. She was replaced by Julia McKenzie, from the fourth series onwards. Each episode is known for having many well-known co-stars.

The episodes (adapted from original novels and screenplays) were written by Kevin Elyot, Stephen Churchett, Stewart Harcourt, Tom MacRae, Patrick Barlow, Paul Rutman, Russell Lewis, and Charlie Higson.

Overview Edit

The first six episodes were all adaptations of Miss Marple novels by Christie. Subsequent episodes were derived from Marple novels and short stories together with other works by Agatha Christie that did not originally feature Miss Marple.

Plot outline Edit

Agatha Christie's Marple follows the adventures of Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster living in the quiet little village of St. Mary Mead. During her many visits to friends and relatives in other villages (and sometimes when simply being at home), Miss Marple often stumbles upon or hears about mysterious murders, which she helps solve. Although the police are sometimes reluctant to accept Miss Marple's help, her reputation and unparalleled powers of observation eventually win them over.

During her adventures, Miss Marple is aided by close friends, relatives, or other allies that she meets, which include Tommy and Tuppence - protagonists of another series of Christie novels.

Recurring characters Edit

The only character to appear in every episode is Miss Marple herself, played by Geraldine McEwan until series 3 and by Julia McKenzie from series 4 onwards.

A few other characters appear in more than one episode, although they are not always played by the same actor. Exceptions are Joanna Lumley, who plays Mrs Dolly Bantry in The Body in the Library and The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side, and Stephen Churchett, who appears as the coroner in four episodes.

Dr Haydock appears in three episodes, but is played by three different actors: Robin Soans in The Body in the Library, Robert Powell in The Murder at the Vicarage and Neil Stuke in The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side. Jason Rafiel, an old friend of Marple's, was voiced by Herbert Lom (who also made an on-screen appearance as Mr Dufosse in The Murder at the Vicarage) in Nemesis and played by Antony Sher in A Caribbean Mystery.

The series also featured real-life characters: Winston Churchill appeared in The Sittaford Mystery, Noel Coward in 4:50 from Paddington, Louis Armstrong in At Bertram's Hotel, and Ian Fleming and James Bond in A Caribbean Mystery.


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Series One (2004–05)Edit

Title UK airdate Guest cast IMDb link
The Body in the Library
12 December 2004
Ian Richardson (as Conway Jefferson)
Simon Callow (as Colonel Terence Melchett)
Jack Davenport (as Superintendent Harper)
James Fox (as Colonel Arthur Bantry)
Joanna Lumley (as Dolly Bantry)
Jamie Theakston (as Mark Gaskell)
Giles Oldershaw (as Edwards)
Emma Cooke (as Dinah Lee)
Richard Durden (as Mr Prestcott)
Adam Garcia (as Raymond Starr)
Florence Hoath (as Pamela Reeves)
Ben Miller (as Basil Blake)
Tina Martin (as Middle-aged Woman)
Bruce Mackinnon (as Scamper)
Abigail Neale-Wilkinson (as Jesse)
Tara Fitzgerald (as Adelaide Jefferson)
Anna Rawlins (as Beatrice)
Robin Soans (as Dr Haydock)
Mary Stockley (as Josie Turner)
Zoe Thorne (as Florence)
Emma Williams (as Ruby Keene)
Steven Williams (as Peter Carmody)
David Walliams (as George Bartlett)
The Murder at the Vicarage
19 December 2004
Stephen Tompkinson (as DI Slack)
Jane Asher (as Mrs Lester)
Derek Jacobi (as Colonel Lucius Protheroe)
Jason Flemyng (as Lawrence Redding)
Herbert Lom (as Augustin Duffosse)
Miriam Margolyes (as Marjorie Price-Ridley)
Tim McInnerny (as Reverend Leonard Clement)
Robert Powell (as Dr Haydock)
Rachael Stirling (as Griselda Clement)
Mark Gatiss (as Ronald Hawes)
Emily Bruni (as Helene Duffosse)
Jana Carpenter (as May Ainsworth)
Stephen Churchett (as Coroner)
Christina Cole (as Lettice Protheroe)
Paul Hawkyard (as Frank Tarrant)
Siobhan Hayes (as Mary Hill)
Janet McTeer (as Anne Protheroe)
Jenny Howe (as Old Hall Maid)
Julian Morris (as Dennis Clement)
John Owens (as Photographer)
Angela Pleasence (as Miss Hartnell)
Ruth Sheen (as Mrs Tarrant)
Julie Cox (as Young Miss Marple)
Marc Warren (as Captain Ainsworth)
4.50 from Paddington
<center>26 December 2004
Amanda Holden (as Lucy Eyelesbarrow)
Pam Ferris (as Elspeth McGillicuddy)
John Hannah (as Inspector Tom Campbell)
Niamh Cusack (as Emma Crackenthorpe)
Celia Imrie (as Madame Joilet)
Griff Rhys Jones] (as Dr David Quimper)
Jenny Agutter (as Agnes Crackenthorpe)
Rob Brydon (as Inspector Awdry)
Tasha Bertham (as Olga)
Charlie Creed-Miles (as Harold Crackenthorpe)
Ben Daniels (as Alfred Crackenthorpe)
Rose Keegan (as Lady Alice)
Michael Landes (as Bryan Eastley)
David Warner (as Luther Crackenthorpe)
Meritxell Lavanchy (as Anna Stravinska)
Toby Marlow (as James Stoddard-West)
Neve McIntosh (as Lady Stoddard-West)
Ciarán McMenamin (as Cedric Crackenthorpe)
Kurtis O'Brien (as Alexander Eastley)
Tim Stern (as Steward)
Pip Torrens (as Noël Coward)
<center>A Murder is Announced <center>2 January 2005
Zoë Wanamaker (as Letitia Blacklock)
Alexander Armstrong (as DI Craddock)
Elaine Paige (as Dora Bunner)
Virginia McKenna (as Belle Goedler)
Frances Barber (as Lizzie Hinchcliffe)
Cherie Lunghi (as Sadie Swettenham)
Christian Coulson (as Edmund Swettenham)
Richard Dickson (as Mr Rowlandson)
Matthew Goode (as Patrick Simmons)
Sienna Guillory (as Julia Simmons)
Keeley Hawes (as Philippa Haymes)
Gerard Horan (as Sergeant Fletcher)
Nicole Lewis (as Myrna Harris)
Lesley Nicol (as Nurse McClelland)
Christian Pedersen (as Rudi Schertz)
Robert Pugh (as Colonel Archie Easterbrook)
Claire Skinner (as Amy Murgatroyd)
Catherine Tate (as Mitzi Kosinski)

Series Two (2006)Edit

Title UK airdate Guest cast IMDb link
<center>Sleeping Murder <center>5 February
Phil Davis (as Dr James Kennedy)
Dawn French (as Janet Erskine)
Paul McGann (as Dickie Erskine)
Una Stubbs (as Edith Pagett)
Peter Serafinowicz (as Walter Fane)
Sarah Parish (as Eve Ballantyne)
Helen Coker (as Lily Tutt)
Nickolas Grace (as Lionel Luff)
Anna-Louise Plowman (as Helen Marsden)
Richard Bremmer (as Mr Sims)
Julian Wadham (as Kelvin Halliday)
Martin Kemp (as Jackie Afflick)
Sophia Myles (as Gwenda Halliday)
Harry Treadaway (as George Erskine)
Mary Healey (as Shop Assistant)
Greg Hicks (as Ferdinand)
Vincent Leigh (as Jim Tutt)
Geraldine Chaplin (as Mrs Fane)
Russ Abbot (as CI Arthur Primer)
Harriet Walter (as the Duchess of Malfi)
Emilio Doorgasingh (as Sergeant Desai)
Aidan McArdle (as Hugh Hornbeam)
Darren Carnall (as Dresser)
<center>The Moving Finger <center>12 February
Angela Curran (as Miss Ginch)
Rosalind Knight (as Partridge)
Imogen Stubbs (as Mona Symmington)
Sean Pertwee (as Dr Owen Griffith)
Ellen Capron (as Agnes Brown)
Keith Allen (as Inspector Graves)
Frances de la Tour (as Maud Dane Calthrop)
Stephen Churchett (as Coroner)
Thelma Barlow (as Emily Barton)
Jessica Stevenson (as Aimee Griffith)
John Sessions (as Cardew Pye)
Emilia Fox (as Joanna Burton)
Kelly Brook (as Elsie Holland)
Harry Enfield (as Richard Symmington)
Ken Russell (as Reverend Caleb Dane Calthrop)
Talulah Riley (as Megan Hunter)
James D'Arcy (as Jerry Burton)
<center>By the Pricking of My Thumbs <center>19 February
Greta Scacchi (as Tuppence Beresford)
Anthony Andrews (as Tommy Beresford)
Clare Holman (as Miss Packard)
Miriam Karlin (as Marjorie Moody)
O. T. Fagbenle (as Chris Murphy)
Jody Halse (as Amos Perry)
Josie Lawrence (as Hannah Beresford)
Michael Begley (as Ethan Maxwell)
Brian Conley (as Eric Johnson)
Bonnie Langford (as Betty Johnson)
Florence Strickland (as Jane Eyre)
Patrick Barlow (as Mr Timothy)
Lia Williams (as Nellie Bligh)
Steven Berkoff (as Freddie Eccles)
Oliver Jordan (as Young Ethan)
Michael Maloney (as Dr Joshua Waters)
Leslie Phillips (as Sir Philip Starke)
Chloe Pennington (as Young Hannah)
Michelle Ryan (as Rose Waters)
Claire Bloom (as Aunt Ada)
June Whitfield (as Mrs Lancaster)
Charles Dance (as Septimus Bligh)
Eliza Bennett (as Nora Johnson)
<center>The Sittaford Mystery <center>30 April
Carey Mulligan (as Violet Willett)
Patricia Hodge (as Mrs Evadne Willett)
Rita Tushingham (as Miss Elizabeth Percehouse)
Michael Brandon (as Martin Zimmerman)
James Wilby (as Stanley Kirkwood)
Jeffrey Kissoon (as Ahmed Ghai)
Laurence Fox (as James Pearson)
Ian Hallard (as Reporter)
Robert Hickson (as Arthur Hopkins)
Matthew Kelly (as Donald Jones)
Robert Hardy (as Winston Churchill)
Paul Kaye (as Dr Ambrose Burt)
James Murray (as Charles Burnaby)
Mel Smith (as John Enderby)
Zoe Telford (as Emily Trefusis)
Timothy Dalton (as Clive Trevelyan)
Michael Attwell (as Archie Stone)

Series Three (2007–09)Edit

Title UK airdate US airdate Guest cast IMDb link
<center>At Bertram's Hotel <center>23 September 2007 <center>29 July 2007
Martine McCutcheon (as Jane Cooper)
Stephen Mangan (as Inspector Larry Bird)
Polly Walker (as Lady Bess Sedgwick)
Vincent Regan (as Mickey Gorman)
Hannah Spearritt (as Tilly Rice)
Mica Paris (as Amelia Walker)
Emily Beecham (as Elvira Blake)
Ed Stoppard (as Ladislaus Malinowski)
Charles Kay (as Canon Pennyfather)
Mary Nighy (as Brigit Milford)
Francesca Annis (as Lady Selina Hazy)
Danny Webb (as Mutti)
Peter Davison (as Hubert Curtain)
Nicholas Burns (as Jack & Joel Britten)
[Mark Heap (as Mr Humfries)
Isabella Parriss (as Young Miss Marple)
James Howard (as 1891 Hotel Doorman)
Adam Smethurst (as Cab Driver)
Tony Bignell (as Newsboy)
Shenton Dixon (as Louis Armstrong)
Sarah London (as Miss Tibbs)
Georgia Allen (as Mrs Rice)
<center>Ordeal by Innocence <center>30 September 2007 <center>19 August 2007
Jane Seymour (as Rachel Argyle)
Juliet Stevenson (as Gwenda Vaughan)
Alison Steadman (as Kirsten Lindstrom)
Tom Riley (as Bobby Argyle)
Denis Lawson (as Leo Argyle)
Lisa Stansfield (as Mary Durrant)
Burn Gorman (as Jacko Argyle)
Julian Rhind-Tutt (as Dr Arthur Calgary)
Reece Shearsmith (as Inspector Huish)
Stephanie Leonidas (as Hester Argyle)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (as Tina Argyle)
Richard Armitage (as Philip Durrant)
Bryan Dick (as Micky Argyle)
Andrea Lowe (as Maureen)
Camille Coduri (as Mrs Lindsay)
Michael Feast (as John Croker)
Pippa Haywood (as Mrs Price)
James Hurran (as Cyril Price)
<center>Towards Zero <center>3 August 2008 <center>15 July 2007
Tom Baker (as Frederick Treves)
Julie Graham (as Mary Aldin)
Paul Nicholls (as Ted Latimer)
Julian Sands (as Thomas Royde)
Alan Davies (as Superintendent Mallard)
Eileen Atkins (as Lady Camilla Tressilian)
Greg Wise (as Nevile Strange)
Zoe Tapper (as Kay Strange)
Saffron Burrows (as Audrey Strange)
Greg Rusedski (as Merrick)
Wendy Nottingham (as Mrs Rogers)
Amelda Brown (as Barrett)
Peter Symonds (as Hurstall)
Jo Woodcock (as Alice)
Ben Meyjes (as Inspector Tipping)
Thomas Arnold (as Jones)
Mike Burnside (as George)
Eleanor Turner-Moss (as Diana Brinton)
Guy Williams (as Dr Lazenby)
<center>Nemesis <center>1 January 2009 <center>22 July 2007
Laura Michelle Kelly (as Verity Hunt / Margaret Lumley)
Richard E. Grant (as Raymond West)
Dan Stevens (as Michael Faber / Rafiel)
Will Mellor (as Martin Waddy)
Amanda Burton (as Sister Clotilde)
Anne Reid (as Sister Agnes)
Ronni Ancona (as Amanda Dalrymple)
George Cole (as Lawrence Raeburn)
Johnny Briggs (as Sydney Lumley)
Emily Woof (as Rowena Waddy)
Ruth Wilson (as Georgina Barrow)
Adrian Rawlins (as Derek Turnbull)
Lee Ingleby (as Colin Hards)
Graeme Garden (as Matthew Broadribb)
Heidi Monsen (as Waitress)

Series Four (2009–11)Edit

Title UK airdate US airdate Guest cast IMDb link
<center>A Pocket Full of Rye <center>6 September 2009 <center>5 July 2009
Matthew Macfadyen (as Inspector Neele)
Helen Baxendale (as Mary Dove)
Lucy Cohu (as Patricia Fortescue)
Prunella Scales (as Mrs Mackenzie)
Rupert Graves (as Lance Fortescue)
Ralf Little (as Sergeant Pickford)
Wendy Richard (as Mrs Crump)
Ben Miles (as Percival Fortescue)
Liz White (as Jennifer Fortescue)
Anna Madeley (as Adele Fortescue)
Joseph Beattie (as Vivien Dubois)
Kenneth Cranham (as Rex Fortescue)
Hattie Morahan (as Elaine Fortescue)
Laura Haddock (as Miss Grosvenor)
Rose Heiney (as Gladys Martin)
Ken Campbell (as Mr Crump)
Thea Collings (as Tilly)
Edward Tudor-Pole (as Prof. Bernsdorrf)
Paul Brooke (as Billingsley)
Chris Larkin (as Gerald Wright)
Rachel Atkins (as Sanatorium Sister)
<center>Murder is Easy <center>13 September 2009 <center>12 July 2009
Shirley Henderson (as Honoria Waynflete)
Benedict Cumberbatch (as Luke Fitzwilliam)
Sylvia Syms (as Lavinia Pinkerton)
Jemma Redgrave (as Jessie Humbleby)
Anna Chancellor (as Lydia Horton)
Hugo Speer (as James Abbot)
Steve Pemberton (as Henry Wake)
James Lance (as Dr Geoffrey Thomas)
Margo Stilley (as Bridget Conway)
David Haig (as Major Hugh Horton)
Russell Tovey (as PC Terence Reed)
Tim Brooke-Taylor (as Dr Edward Humbleby)
Lyndsey Marshal (as Amy Gibbs)
Camilla Arfwedson (as Rose Humbleby)
Stephen Churchett (as Coroner)
Steven Hartley (as George Rogers)
Julian Lightwing (as Leonard Waynflete)
<center>They Do It with Mirrors <center>1 January 2010 <center>19 July 2009
Joan Collins (as Ruth van Rydock)
Maxine Peake (as Juliet Bellever)
Ian Ogilvy (as Johnny Restarick)
Sarah Smart (as Mildred Serrocold)
Tom Payne (as Edgar Lawson)
Elliot Cowan (as Wally Hudd)
Penelope Wilton (as Carrie Louise Serrocold)
Nigel Terry (as Christian Gulbrandsen)
Brian Cox (as Lewis Serrocold)
Alex Jennings (as Inspector Curry)
Emma Griffiths Malin (as Gina Elsworth)
Sean Hughes (as Sergeant Lake)
Liam Garrigan (as Stephen Restarick)
Jordan Long (as Whitstable Ernest)
Alexei Sayle (as Dr Maverick)
<center>Why Didn't They Ask Evans? <center> 15 June 2011 <center> 26 July 2009
Richard Briers (as Wilson)
Rik Mayall (as Alec Nicholson)
Mark Williams (as Claude Evans)
Sean Biggerstaff (as Bobby Attfield)
Siwan Morris (as Florrie)
Rafe Spall (as Roger Bassington)
Warren Clarke (as Commander Peters)
Samantha Bond (as Sylvia Savage)
Helen Lederer (as Marjorie Attfield)
David Buchanan (as John Carstairs)
Natalie Dormer (as Moira Nicholson)
Georgia Moffett (as Frankie Derwent)
Hannah Murray (as Dorothy Savage)
Freddie Fox (as Tom Savage)
Basher Savage (as Young George Savage)
Sarah Ridgeway (as Young Sylvia Savage)
Rupert Savage (as Young Jack Savage)

Series Five (2010–11)Edit

Title UK airdate US airdate Guest cast IMDb link
<center>The Pale Horse <center>30 August 2010 <center>10 July 2011
Nicholas Parsons (as Father Gorman)
Elizabeth Rider (as Mrs Davis)
Neil Pearson (as DI Lejeune)
Jason Merrells (as Dr Edward Kerrigan)
Lynda Baron (as Mrs Coppins)
J. J. Feild (as Paul Osbourne)
Pauline Collins (as Thyrza Grey)
Susan Lynch (as Sybil Stamfordis)
Jenny Galloway (as Bella Ellis)
Tom Ward (as Captain Cottam)
Holly Valance (as Kanga Cottam)
Nigel Planer (as Roger Venables)
Jonathan Cake (as Mark Easterbrook)
Amy Manson (as Ginger Corrigan)
Holly Willoughby (as Goody Carne)
Sarah Alexander (as Lydia Harsnet)
Bill Paterson (as Mr Bradley)
Jodie Hay (as Bertie)
Jennifer-Jane Hooker (as Mrs Tuckerton)
Julia Molony (as Thomasina Tuckerton)
Mike Shepherd (as Chief Mummer)
<center>The Secret of Chimneys <center>27 December 2010 <center>20 June 2010
Charlotte Salt (as Lady Virginia Revel)
Adam Godley (as George Lomax)
Edward Fox (as Lord Caterham)
Anthony Higgins (as Count Ludwig von Stainach)
Jonas Armstrong (as Anthony Cade)
Ruth Jones (as Miss Hilda Blenkinsopp)
Dervla Kirwan (as Bundle)
Michelle Collins (as Constance Tredwell)
Mathew Horne (as Bill Eversleigh)
Stephen Dillane (as CI Finch)
Laura O'Toole (as Agnes Parker)
Alex Knight (as Jaffers)
Robert Dunbar (as Young Count Ludwig)
Letty Butler (as Young Treadwell)
Ian Weichardt (as Young Lomax)
<center>The Blue Geranium <center>29 December 2010 <center>27 June 2010
Donald Sinden (as Sir Henry Clithering)
Sharon Small (as Mary Pritchard)
Claudie Blakley (as Philippa Pritchard)
David Calder (as Reverend Dermot Milewater)
Toby Stephens (as George Pritchard)
Paul Rhys (as Lewis Pritchard)
Patrick Baladi (as Dr Jonathan Frayn)
Claire Rushbrook (as Caroline Copling)
Joanna Page (as Hester Milewater)
Caroline Catz (as Hazel Instow)
Kevin McNally (as DI Somerset)
Jason Durr (as Eddie Seward)
Hugh Ross (as Lord Justice Carmichael)
Derek Hutchinson (as Concierge)
Rebekah Manning (as Susan Carstairs)
Ian East (as John the Gardener)
Richard Betts (as Clerk of the Court)
Benjamin Harcourt (as Peter Pritchard)
Thomas Harcourt (as Michael Pritchard)
Molly Harcourt (as Susan Pritchard)
<center>The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side <center>2 January 2011 <center>23 May 2010
Lindsay Duncan (as Marina Gregg)
Joanna Lumley (as Dolly Bantry)
Hugh Bonneville (as Inspector Hewitt)
Brennan Brown (as Hailey Preston)
Nigel Harman (as Jason Rudd)
Victoria Smurfit (as Ella Blunt)
Samuel Barnett (as Sergeant Tiddler)
Martin Jarvis (as Vincent Hogg)
Hannah Waddingham (as Lola Brewster)
Charlotte Riley (as Margot Bence)
Caroline Quentin (as Heather Badcock)
Michele Dotrice (as Mrs Hubbard)
Lois Jones (as Primrose Dixon)
Olivia Darnley (as Cherry Baker)
Neil Stuke (as Dr Haydock)
Will Young (as Casey Croft)
Anna Andresen (as Maisie Cooper)
Gene Goodman (as Louis Charles)
Isabella Parriss (as Marie Thérèse)
Jonathan Coyne (as French Officer)
Don Gallagher (as Man in Livery)

Series Six (2013)Edit

Title UK airdate US airdate Guest cast IMDb link
A Caribbean Mystery TBA TBA
Robert Webb (as Tim Kendal)
Charity Wakefield (as Molly Kendal)
MyAnna Buring (as Lucky Dyson)
Charles Mesure (as Greg Dyson)
Montserrat Lombard (as Esther Walters)
Warren Brown (as Arthur Jackson)
Antony Sher (as Jason Rafiel)
Pippa Bennett-Warner (as Victoria Johnson)
Daniel Rigby (as Canon Prescott)
Anele Matoti (as Inspector Daventry)
Joe Vaz (as Sergeant Weston)
Oliver Ford Davies (as Major Palgrave)
Alastair Mackenzie (as Edward Hillingdon)
Hermione Norris (as Evelyn Hillingdon)
Kingsley Ben-Adir (as Errol)
Jeremy Crutchley (as Ian Fleming)
Charlie Higson (as James Bond)

Future adaptationsEdit

Series six, which will include an adaptation of A Caribbean Mystery, as well as adaptations of Endless Night and the short story Greenshaw's Folly, will be filmed for the rest of 2012 and the early part of 2013. It was originally announced that an adaptation of The Seven Dials Mystery would be filmed, but it appears it has been shelved in favor of Greenshaw's Folly.


Series 1Edit

Date Episode Viewers
12 December 2004 The Body In The Library 8.72
19 December 2004 The Murder At The Vicarage 8.36
26 December 2004 4:50 From Paddington 5.95
2 January 2005 A Murder Is Announced 7.78

Series 2Edit

Date Episode Viewers
5 February 2006 Sleeping Murder 8.74
12 February 2006 The Moving Finger 7.89
19 February 2006 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs 7.93
30 April 2006 The Sittaford Mystery 6.58

Series 3Edit

Date Episode Viewers
23 September 2007 At Bertram’s Hotel 5.41
30 September 2007 Ordeal By Innocence 5.54
3 August 2008 Towards Zero 5.84
1 January 2009 Nemesis 4.48

Series 4Edit

Date Episode Viewers
6 September 2009 A Pocketful Of Rye 5.39
13 September 2009 Murder Is Easy 4.86
1 January 2010 They Do It With Mirrors 5.55
15 June 2011 Why Didn't They Ask Evans? 4.51

Series 5Edit

Date Episode Viewers
30 August 2010 The Pale Horse 5.11
27 December 2010 The Secret Of Chimneys 5.06
29 December 2010 The Blue Geranium 5.96
2 January 2011 The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side 4.93

Other countriesEdit

Marple has been aired in the United States and British Columbia, Canada on PBS on Mystery! as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and in the whole of Canada on CBC and in French on Radio-Canada. In Australia, Marple airs as Agatha Christie's Marple or simply Marple on ABC1. Marple is also being broadcast on ATV World in Hong Kong. In China, the first four seasons of "Marple" are presented on CCTV-8, but 'The Body In the Library' and 'Murder is Easy' haven't been shown due to the involvement of lesbian affair and incest rape separately, 'Why Din't They Ask Evans' has also been hugely edited due to involving War-period China. Marple has been broadcast on the Hallmark Channel in Israel. Marple has been shown in South Korea in EBS, and currently is viewed by many audience from MegaTV. In Southern Africa it was shown on Hallmark Channel on the Satellite service DStv. "Marple" has been broadcast in Italy on the Hallmark Channel and on Rai1. In Norway the series has been airing on state broadcaster NRK1 as "Miss Marple". In Sweden the series airs on TV4, the biggest commercial TV station. In Brazil the series airs on HBO Brasil.

Changes to novelsEdit

The show has sparked controversy with some viewers for its adaptations of the novels. The first episode, The Body in the Library, changed the identity of one of the killers and introduced lesbianism into the plot; the second episode explored Miss Marple's earlier life; the third episode contained a motive change and the fourth episode cut several characters and added affairs into the story and emphasized a lesbian subplot that was quite discreet in the original novel. The second series also saw some changes. By the Pricking of My Thumbs was originally a Tommy and Tuppence story, while The Sittaford Mystery was also not originally a Miss Marple book and the identity of the killer was changed. The third series has two adaptations that were not originally Miss Marple books: Towards Zero and Ordeal by Innocence. The fourth series continues the trend with Murder is Easy and Why Didn't They Ask Evans?. The fifth series does the same, with The Secret of Chimneys and The Pale Horse, as will the future sixth series with Endless Night and The Seven Dials Mystery.

DVD releasesEdit

The first series of Marple was released in 2005 in the UK, followed by the second series in 2006. The third series was released in autumn 2007 in the US, but its UK release was delayed because of ITV1's decision to defer airing the final instalment.

Series One was released as four individual DVDs and as a "bundle" in Australia (Region 4) with Series Two released on 1 August 2007. The third series was released individually in April 2008.

Series Four will be released in Region 1 on 4 August 2009 after the conclusion of the broadcast on PBS Mystery!

Series 1 to 4 were released in a 16-DVD-box as "Agatha Christie's Miss Marple - The Collection" in August 2010 in U.K. Region 3.

Series 5 was released in the UK (Region 2) in June 2011


Marple was filmed in various locations, including London, the villages of Englefield in Berkshire, Chilham in Kent and the village of Turville, in Buckinghamshire.

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