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Agatha Christie's Hjerson is a Swedish television series. The main character is Sven Hjerson. In the fictional world of Agatha Christie, Sven Hjerson is a fictional character created by the novelist Ariadne Oliver.[1] Mathew Prichard, the grandson of Christie, is one of the executive producers.

The first episode was broadcast on the 24th of August, 2021.


Klara Sandberg is a television producer, working mainly with reality shows. Unsatisfied with her work, she tries to get in contact with Sven Hjerson. Hjerson if brilliant criminal investigator who has fallen from grace, accused of planting evindence.

Main cast

  • Johan Rheborg as Sven Hjerson
  • Hanna Alström as Klara Sandberg
  • Maria Lundqvist as Majvor
  • David Fukamachi Regnfors as Niklas
  • Björn Andrésen as Oscar
  • Peter Kanerva as Frank
  • Maja Söderström as Olivia